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How To Decorate Your Graduation Cap:Use crafting material, like paint, pre-cut letters, and hot glueto inscribe your graduation cap with a message that relates to your major or future plans. For a nurse, try inscribing your graduation cap with 鈥淐all me nurse (insert your name)鈥?or 鈥淩N.鈥?/div>Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas: How To Decorate Your Gra鈥?/a>

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  • What should I decorate my high school grad cap with?

  • Here are just a few high school graduation cap decoration ideas you can use to come up with grad cap decoration ideas that reflect you and your time at high school. Decorate your graduation cap with your school colors, motto, and mascot and embrace these school themes one last time before moving on.

  • How many graduation cap ideas are there?

  • To help you out, we鈥檝e rounded up 60 graduation cap ideas. There are funny caps, inspirational caps, artsy caps and everything in between to fit every grad鈥檚 taste. 1. Dream Big Worry Small

  • How do you personalize a graduation cap and gown?

  • A fun way to personalize your cap would be to include the skyline of your hometown or college town on the cap. 44. Worry Less, Laugh More This subtle grad cap would look great on a white cap and gown set. It would also look great in a different color combination for a black cap and gown.

  • How do you make a graduation cap with clouds?

  • Use a sponge or cotton ball to add white clouds to the sky. 5.) Swirl gold glitter glue and orange and yellow paints around the button area; let dry. Carefully slide the poster board square onto the top of the grad cap; turn over to find the front of the cap.

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