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How To Decorate Your Graduation Cap: Use crafting material,like paint,pre-cut letters,and hot glueto inscribe your graduation cap with a message that relates to your major or future plans. For a nurse,try inscribing your graduation cap with 鈥淐all me nurse (insert your name)鈥?or 鈥淩N.鈥?/div>Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas: How To Decorate Your Gra鈥?/a>

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  • What should I decorate my high school grad cap with?

  • Here are just a few high school graduation cap decoration ideas you can use to come up with grad cap decoration ideas that reflect you and your time at high school. Decorate your graduation cap with your school colors, motto, and mascot and embrace these school themes one last time before moving on.

  • How do I design a graduation cap with a tassel?

  • Use a ruler to determine the location of the tassel button at the center of the grad cap. 2.) Sketch out your design, keeping in mind that you will be cutting the straight line leading up to the tassel button, so make sure your final artwork will cover that area. Cut out adhesive letters to determine placement. 3.)

  • How to decorate a graduation cap with Cricut?

  • Use your Cricut to make an iron on to decorate a graduation cap. The first thing you need to do is design the cap. If you look in Cricut Design Space there is a collection called 鈥淭he Tassel is worth the hassle鈥? There are lots of fun graduation phrases in that collection.

  • How do you make a graduation cap with glitter paper?

  • Use a horizontal strip of blue glitter paper for your lake. Next, cut a circle from gold glitter paper for the top of your cap button. Set letters and cut glitter paper pieces aside. 4.) Cut out the grad cap square then cut along the straight line toward the center of the cap.

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