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You can fill your glass vases with candy toppingsof one shape or mix them with slightly different widths. Since the candy toppings will melt when mixed with water,it鈥檚 best if you place artificial flowers inside. If possible,look for flowers that complement the colors of the candy toppings you use.

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  • How do you decorate a vase?

  • Attach things like tissue paper, ribbon, or glitter to the vase for a textured look. Consider using a stencil or painter’s tape to create designs using paint on the vase, or fill the vase with things like sea glass or flowers for a quick decoration idea.

  • How do you paint a glass vase?

  • 1 Use a stencil to paint a design on a glass vase. … 2 Place painter鈥檚 tape along the vase to create geometric shapes with paint. … 3 Apply chalkboard paint to the vase to turn it into a chalkboard. … 4 Create an ombre pattern on the vase for a chic look. … 5 Paint flowers or other objects on the vase for a freehand option. …

  • What flowers go well with clear glass vases?

  • Next, fill the gap between the vases with colorful candy toppings. Bright and colorful gerber daisies are an excellent flower to complete this look. Monstera leaves are a favorite for designers and florists because of their ability to cover stems inside of clear glass vases.

  • Can you use painter’s tape on a vase?

  • Place painter鈥檚 tape along the vase to create geometric shapes with paint. Cut off strips of painter鈥檚 tape and place them on the vase, pressing down firmly to make sure the paint won鈥檛 get up under the tape. Paint each section of the taped off vase a different color using acrylic paint to create a geometric design.

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