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How To Decorate With GarlandDecide Where To Place Your Garland. There are lots of places in and around your home that would look great with a little garland. …Protect The Area. Unlike a Christmas tree that is freestanding,garland is going to be attached to your home or furnishings.Start with a Base Garland. Start with a base piece of garland. …Always Add Lights. Lights are a must. Really,aren鈥檛 lights the whole point of Christmas decorations? I would always add lights,even if you have to get battery operated ones.Add Your Decor To The Garland. Once your base garland is in place and secure,attach your other decor to the base. …

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  • How do you make a garland for Christmas decorations?

  • Craft a simple Christmas garland with a mix of yarns. Make handmade tassels from chunky twisted yarns or paper in colors that match your Christmas scheme, and attach them to a length of yarn. Drape your DIY Christmas garland along a wall, banister, or even your tree.

  • How do you decorate a staircase with Garland?

  • There are numerous ways to decorate a home with garland. Inside the house are a great many surfaces that can be adorned with garlands, both traditional and the unexpected. The staircase can actually offer two decorating options. First is the handrail, where garland can be wrapped around, or draped, depending on the wishes of the decorator.

  • How do you test Garland before decorating?

  • If your garland has lights, be sure to test those before decorating too. Nancy recommends decorating one half of the garland at a time, beginning in the middle and working your way toward the end. That way you get a better idea of how it鈥檚 going to look before you spend time decorating the whole thing.

  • How much Garland do I need to decorate a porch?

  • Editor’s Tip: Always buy more garland than you think you will need. You’ll want to allow excess for draping. We’ve found that one-and-a-half times the length of your space is enough. Create a farmhouse Christmas porch with a faux magnolia wreath, star decorations, and a classic garland.

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