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Making the bed with fancy bedding, beautiful flower bouquetfor the dining tables are very common and traditional way families decorate for Ramadan. Muslims in the west often carry on the tradition of deep cleaning their homes, and add on to the Ramadan and Eid decorating.

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  • What are the best decorations for a Ramadan display?

  • This display can feature all your decorations, such as decorative prints, ornamental lanterns, countdown posters, and treat jars. Dates are a staple during Ramadan given that breaking the fast by eating a date is custom.

  • How can I celebrate Ramadan at home?

  • Hang garlands and streamers in doorways and hallways, and hand out confetti poppers for a bright surprise. Present children with new clothes, toys and other gifts, and if this year marks an older child鈥檚 first year fasting during Ramadan, give them something special.

  • How to celebrate Ramadan with a wreath?

  • Either you can buy them from any online gift website or make at home using fresh flowers and satin ribbons with Ramadan Mubarak written in the middle of the wreath. You can hang it on your front door or in your home to bring up festive spirits during the auspicious month of Ramadan.

  • Can I change out my Ramadan banner decorations for Eid decorations?

  • During the last 10 days, you can change out your Ramadan banner decorations for Eid decorations as the anticipation for Eid starts to construct. Something about lights brings about a joyful atmosphere.

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