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Use food coloringto paint flowers onto eggs’ shells,then enhance with a black permanent marker. Gather a bunch of these together for a fun edible centerpiece at Easter brunch . Use gold foil for a modern,fresh take on classic Easter egg dyeing. If you use faux eggs,you can have these as decor for many Easters to come! Continue to 5 of 46 below.

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  • How can I decorate my house for Easter?

  • If your rose bushes are blooming around Easter, use them to decorate your table. Use Easter eggs to decorate the inside of your home. Easter eggs can signify spring and new beginnings, and are perfect for holiday decoration. While you can dye eggs and place them in baskets or bowls around your home, they will spoil quickly if not refrigerated.

  • How do you decorate for Easter with paper flowers?

  • Scatter a few throughout your dining table or even atop your mantel for a fresh take on Easter decor. Bring spring into your home with these dainty paper blooms that will last the whole season. First, fold dyed cupcake liners (or use colored ones) in half and cut out petal and fringe shapes.

  • How do you decorate a wreath for Easter at home?

  • Brighten up your home’s entry with a colorful Easter wreath. Use hot glue to attach layers of faux spring branches to a pussywillow wreath form. Twine-and-raffia carrots and mini egg-filled nests (both from the craft store) add the perfect finishing touch.

  • How do you decorate a vase for Easter eggs?

  • Gather sturdy branches 鈥?flowering quince, pussy willow, cherry blossom, magnolia, dogwood, or forsythia 鈥?and place them in a heavy vase. Round up a dozen or so blown-out eggs or faux craft eggs.

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