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  • What to do with a flower box in Your House?

  • Many portable flower box ideas are ideal for those in small homes who want to move plants as the days sun progresses. This twisted wrought iron metal fence has a flower box atop the railing with pretty marigold flowers. Window flower box with colorful geraniums in an old cabin windowsill.

  • How to decorate a gift box for mother’s day?

  • Gift box decoration ideas for any occasion (Mothers Day perhaps?) 1. Oversized tissue flower We decided on no real flowers at our wedding (we live in the north of Botswana where it鈥檚 insanely hot and dry and cut flowers have to be flown in from thousands of miles away鈥? so had tissue paper flowers lining the aisle!

  • How to decorate a gift box for Christmas?

  • Gift box decoration ideas for Christmas. 1 1. Stick on gift tags. I was amazed to find some wooden Christmas gift tags in town (we live in a very small town in Northern Botswana). I wanted to … 2 2. Scrap paper Christmas trees. 3 3. Fancy beaded Christmas tree. 4 4. Repurposed beaded necklace. 5 5. Decorative sticky tape. More items

  • What is a metal flower box?

  • Shown above is a metal flower box in a unique copper finish. Aside from being durable and resistant to outdoor elements, this type of plant containers are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to window sills, patios and balconies. Flower boxes for railings add a garden to a deck, balcony or porch.

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