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If you like chic design, put two end tables in the two separated seating areas. Pay attention to the tone of color from your sofa and the end tables. Make sure it mix perfectly. You also can contrast the color between the wall and the end table to make it swanky. It will attract the attention and admiration. 5. Bold and Modern

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  • How to decorate a living room with end tables?

  • You can put two end tables with different glass color in the side of the sofas. If you want the corner for intimate sitting place, put the end tables near it. Use the end table to add a small vase of relaxing flower such as geranium and lily. It will make the cozier atmosphere. 3. Grand Room

  • How do you decorate an end table with an eye?

  • You want the decorations to act as a way to draw the eye through the room, not to sit in a jumble. For example, if your end table is near a tall floor lamp, place short decorations on the side of the table nearest the lamp. The eye will naturally go from the top of the lamp down to the short accessory on your table.

  • What do you put on your end tables?

  • What do You Put on End Tables? 1 Lamp 2 Picture Frame 3 Greenery or Florals 4 Books 5 Coasters

  • Why do I need an end table?

  • Sometimes an end table can be the finishing touch that a room needs. Kind of like my living room, where I needed something to fill the space in the corner of the room. I also needed a lamp at the end of the sectional and a place to set a drink. It is perfect for both of those needs. See? Functional and comfortable!

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