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  • What are some ideas for homemade Easter baskets?

  • Here are several fun ideas for homemade paper Easter baskets. Enjoy! 1. Bunny Bow Printable ~ This is so easy to make, just print, cut, fold and tape. It will hold a few Easter candies if you pack them carefully. 2. Paper Easter Basket {free printable} ~ Kids can design and decorate their own Easter basket with this free printable.

  • How to decorate your home for Easter?

  • Celebrate the season with festive spring Easter decorations ideas. Shop Easter decors with cheerful colors, friendly candy bunnies and Easter Baskets full of Easter Colored Eggs. Most important, fill your home with style and joy with our Easter Decoration Ideas. You will love the adorable touch of our decorations in your home.

  • What kind of fabric do you use for Easter baskets?

  • This Easter basket idea is perfect for crafters that have a ton of extra fabric around their craft room. Don’t be afraid of unusual color combinations for a more eclectic look. Felt is an ideal material for Easter crafts. To make this simple basket, opt for thick wool felt that is at least 5 millimeters thick.

  • What to make for Easter with recycled items?

  • DIY Grocery Bag Basket {Recycled Craft} ~ For Easter or for any time of the year, this recycled basket is a great use for your grocery bags. Not only is this frugal recycled craft perfect for Easter or gifts, but children will love this basket for picnic with their friends. 12. Coffee Filter Flower Basket ~ Looking for a fun Easter craft project?

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