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  • Can you paint a pair of Crocs?

  • How to Paint a Pair of Crocs. Although Croc-brand shoes come in a wide variety of styles and colors, you can add an element of personalization by painting and decorating them to your liking. Read the following steps for creative and new decorating ideas.

  • How do you decorate Crocs shoes?

  • Consider planning your project colors and patterns ahead of time. Map out your designs with a china pencil or piece of chalk. Paint away! Allow your Crocs to dry for 24 hours before wearing, especially if you are going to venture out in the rain or dew.

  • Can You dye Crocs?

  • The best way to dye your Crocs a different color is to use a process known as hydro-dipping, or water transfer painting. To do this, you need a large plastic bucket and 1-4 colors of acrylic or latex spray paint. It won鈥檛 take you more than 15-30 minutes of work to create a beautiful pair of custom Crocs.

  • How to clean Crocs without washing them?

  • Get a plastic bin that is at least twice as big as your Crocs and deep enough to submerge them completely. You can鈥檛 realistically do this inside without getting paint and water all over the place, so take your bin out outside. Fill your plastic container 4/5 of the way with lukewarm water. You need a little room at the top of the bin.

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