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For a child鈥檚 birthday party,you can put vases or jars filled with colorful candy,such as gumballs,rock candy,gumdrops,and lollipops,in an arrangement to create a centerpiece for the table. Create a simple centerpiece for an elegant party by filling a large bowl with water and adding floating candles.

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  • How to decorate a birthday party for a child?

  • For example, for a first birthday, the dcor and party favors can feature the number 鈥?鈥?or say 鈥淗appy 1st Birthday!鈥?on them. The cake and Mylar balloons can be shaped like the number 鈥?,鈥?as well. You can also base color choices on the age. For example, a Sweet 16 party can be decorated in shades of pink.

  • How do you decorate a birthday party with pink?

  • Instead of streaming these pink pieces around the room in a traditional sense, create a birthday-spirited chandelier for the party! {found on Rice Design Blog } 34. Candle Dressing Don鈥檛 leave the birthday candles boring and bare.

  • What do you need for a birthday party?

  • Another cool thing you can do for your birthday party is zig-zag streamers. They鈥檙e quick to make, they鈥檙e lovely, and you just need some paper and some scissors. Plus, some tape to put them up, of course. Check out the guide on Oh Happy Days . 7. Tissue Paper Pom Poms

  • How to decorate your house for a birthday party without money?

  • Decorate With Candies Imagination is our best weapon when we don鈥檛 have money or a budget for birthday parties. All of us can buy cards to make hats, cards, or even take some glass jars, fill them with candies, and distribute them around the room or living room.

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