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Another great idea to decorate your bathroom counter is toadd some natural accents to your bathroom. Rustic decor generally means warm natural colors and real wood. If you like the look of nature, consider adding pieces from outside to your bathroom. For example, you can add a wooden multi-tiered tray for a country look.

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  • What to do with a cleared bathroom counter?

  • A cleared bathroom counter is a neat bathroom counter. Leave the area sparkling and serene by adding a luxe cabinet to the room. Select one with both hidden and open shelves, so you can pick and choose what’s on display.

  • Why should you organize your bathroom countertops?

  • Organizing your bathroom counter is pivotal if you want to streamline your daily routine. No matter the size of your bathroom, beauty products, hair tools, and soaps all fight for coveted counter space.

  • How do you decorate a bathroom vanity?

  • Shop for one that is stylish, coordinates with your bathroom vanity, and offers storage in a space that would otherwise go unused. This is a convenient place to store makeup, face lotions and serums, and other small items you use in front of the mirror. Adjustable shelves allow you to customize the unit to your liking.

  • How can I Make my Kitchen countertops look nice and clean?

  • This easy DIY will freshen up your countertop while also providing storage for your toothbrush, hand soap, cotton balls, and other toiletries. Shop Now: Martha Stewart Crafts Blossom Adhesive Stencils, $9.39, . To keep a clean countertop, find a vanity that gives you plenty of storage options.

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