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How to Decorate Around a Water Fountain 1.Add some colorful flowersNothing says 鈥渨elcome,鈥?like the sight of fresh flowers. Flowers will draw attention to your fountain and set it apart from the rest of your landscape. Choose flowers that are hardy and will not wither.

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  • How do you make an outdoor fountain work?

  • The sheet of water that spills over the edge catches the sunlight while adding the soothing sound of running water. Supported by a central pedestal, water erupts from the center of the stone and then spills into the shallow pond below. Statues can provide the perfect base for your outdoor fountain.

  • How do you decorate a small fountain base?

  • If you’re happy with the way your fountain base looks but still want to add something, try decorating the water itself. Floating ornaments in the water can draw attention to the fountain in a subtle way. Japanese fishing net floats are one option with their colored glass that reflects the light for a subtle effect.

  • How to choose the right fountains?

  • Simple fountains can still add the soothing feature of running water, while not overtaking the landscape. Here, a sturdy, rustic bucket provides a perfect basin for the streams of water that flow into it. Surrounding greenery softens the lines and ensures the fountain fits in beautifully with the landscape.

  • What are the best water fountain designs for home landscape?

  • 40 Great Water Fountain Designs For Home Landscape. 1 Landscaping Stacked Stone Water Fountain. This basin-style fountain has a very unique look to it thanks to its shape and textured surface. It was … 2 DIY Urn Fountain. 3 DIY Stacked Rocks Water Feature. 4 Concrete Leaf Water Fountain. 5 DIY Two-Tier Water Fountain. More items

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