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  • How to decorate a small space around a TV stand?

  • Its bigger scale takes up the entire space on one side of the tv. Birds eye view of our Okinawan renal living room. If you have enough wall space around a modern tv stand try hanging a gallery wall like this stunning one from Homey Oh My. Look for smaller dressers, side tables, and accent furniture to use as a small tv stand in a tight space.

  • How do you decorate the wall behind a TV?

  • Floating shelves are a streamlined, minimalist approach to decorating the wall behind your television. Placed strategically, they can also create a sense of faux built-ins. Install one shelf the length of your TV across the top with two to three shorter shelves stacked on each side. Install a Gallery Wall

  • What can you do with a corner TV stand?

  • Corner TV Stands Corner stands create a unique opportunity for decorating, especially models that feature open shelving on each side of the forward-facing doors. These nooks are perfect for a stack of books, potted succulent, or small sculpture. Decorating Ideas for Wall-Mounted TVs

  • What can I use instead of a TV stand?

  • Console tables are a great alternative to TV stands because they take up less floor space and are easier to swap out as home design trends change over time. Place one under your wall mount and top with your favorite pieces of dcor.

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