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  • How can I decorate around my mounted TV?

  • There are several ways you can make your entertainment wall look like part of your decor instead of the sore thumb of the space. Check out these 15 tips for decorating around your mounted TV and see which fits your style the best. 1. A Gallery Wall You鈥檝e probably seen something like this arrangement before but it鈥檚 definitely worth revisiting.

  • What to do with the wall behind the TV?

  • The gallery wall feels intentional; placed on the wall behind the TV with the TV sitting on the console. I think a BIG key to this is the art and frames that float behind the TV. Yes, you miss being able to see a tiny bit of the art, but it鈥檚 worth it for the full effect. This might be my favorite example of how to decorate around at tv!

  • How can I hide a TV in a small room?

  • Painting the wall behind your TV black will help the TV blend in. Add in styling items such as a vase, plant or books and that will further help draw the eye from the TV to the decor. Our bedroom also has a wall mounted TV and I think it really feels like the flat screen TV is hidden in there! The black walls really help disguise the TV.

  • How to make your TV wall more attractive?

  • Whether you find an old frame at a thrift store, or make one yourself, it鈥檚 a great solution to making your tv wall more attractive. Sometimes it鈥檚 nice to have a variety of shapes on a gallery wall. The round clocks in both of these designs create balance and provide a change in shape.

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