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  • How can I decorate my living room with a TV?

  • For example, in this living room on Architecture Design Ideas, the owners of this home mounted their TV on a patterned wall, then placed spotlights above it to highlight the stand-out design. The mounted TV also has some built-in shelves with the same pattern placed nearby, keeping the room cohesive but interesting at the same time.

  • What to do with the wall behind the TV?

  • I even like the idea of wall decor placed slightly behind the tv for a layered effect. Similar to an abstract gallery wall, this idea also surrounds the tv with multiple sizes of wall decor, but so much that the tv becomes blended with the decor.

  • How to make your TV wall more attractive?

  • Whether you find an old frame at a thrift store, or make one yourself, it鈥檚 a great solution to making your tv wall more attractive. Sometimes it鈥檚 nice to have a variety of shapes on a gallery wall. The round clocks in both of these designs create balance and provide a change in shape.

  • Do you have to build around a TV in a room?

  • Most likely, if you have a mounted TV in your living room, you have the rest of the wall around it to fill as well. It鈥檚 not so easy when you have all the entertainment necessities installed. They are the necessary base and you have to build around it. Don鈥檛 worry.

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