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If you don鈥檛 mind putting in a little more work, you can decorate around a mirror withlayers. Try placing a picture partially covering the front of your mirror. Then add some candles, a tall vase with flowers and some shorter figurines to fill out the vignette.

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  • How do you decorate a room with mirrors?

  • 15 Ways to Decorate With Mirrors 1 Off Center. … 2 Layered Over Wallpaper. … 3 Mirrored Objects. … 4 Mirrored Door. … 5 Vintage Collection. … 6 Invisible Mirrors. … 7 Layering with Mirrors. … 8 Black Accent Wall with Mirror. … 9 Lightening Up an Accent Wall. … 10 Lightening Up a Gallery Wall. … More items…

  • What can mirrors be used for in interior design?

  • Mirrors can also be used to lighten up a bold saturated wall of color, like the cool-toned octagonal glass mirror hung above the couch in this deep red painted living room from LA Designer Affair . Continue to 10 of 15 below.

  • How can I use mirrors in my garden?

  • Using mirrors in the garden is a creative way to open up the space. Either choose a variety of pebbles and small stones from your own garden or purchase a pebble mix from a garden center. Create an irregular mosaic effect by choosing interesting and unique stones in a variety of colors.

  • How do you hang a mirror with rope around it?

  • Attach it to the front of the frame using a strong adhesive and let it dry completely before you hang it up. You can cover the whole front of the frame with rope or just along the edge of the mirror. Alternatively, you can leave the front of the frame blank and just use the rope to cover around the side of the frame.

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