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7 Best Ways to Decorate Around the TVThe very best way to decorate around a flat screen TV is to mount it. …Layer art behind it. This way the attention is way more on the art than on the black object on the console. …Balance the black TV with a black console underneath Then it will feel more like an accessory. …This is a good way to make a bigger TV look intentional And,less like your husband (or wife) won over you Keep it alone on the wall above …Add black and white artwork to repeat the black of the TV So many big box stores sell frames and all you have to do is insert artwork or …Build it right into your millwork,but on the right or left side of the mantle This way,you won鈥檛 get a crick in your neck looking up while …

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  • How do I decorate a flat screen TV on a wall?

  • If you want to decorate with wallpaper, then opt for one with a large dark or metallic pattern, and deep colors around it. Using darker colors will visually push the wall back, still leaving the flat screen TV as the focal point. Frame the TV with the use of color, by masking off a vertical strip of the wall,…

  • How to choose the right flat screen TV for your living room?

  • The size of flat screen TVs now, dictates that they have become the focal point in most living rooms 鈥?this doesn鈥檛 have to mean that your dcor has to suffer though. Integrate your television into the room鈥檚 design with the clever use of pictures around the flat screen.

  • How to decorate a small room around a TV?

  • Try hanging a shelf above and below the TV. The bottom one will act as a credenza while the top one will provide space to put plants and frames and knick knacks. 8. Surround Your TV With Bookshelves

  • How can I Make my TV look like a movie theater?

  • Giving the eye something to latch on to and go from object to object really helps. Color is often a unifying element, but in this case, it’s the dark tones. Tip: Be careful not to hang your TV too high or you’ll feel like you’re in the front row of a movie theater.

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