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An easy and effective way to decorate with an old window is touse it alongside other decorations. Consider livening up your porch with a cool distressed window that can help it fit in with a farmhouse layout. This gives you the freedom to add numerous items to further decorate the window and everything around it from plants to wreaths.

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  • How can I decorate my home with old windows?

  • Six old windows are reconstructed into a stunning outdoor terrarium. The white on white theme is a great representation of a classic farmhouse decor theme taken outside. A terrarium like this would also look stunning indoors in a large kitchen or sun room. 39. Craft A Series Of Dioramas

  • How to decorate a rustic window in your home?

  • Well, with a vintage window, you can elevate that into something that鈥檚 both rustic and charming. Depending on the size of your window, you can add a handful of hooks to hang towels for the whole family. Consider adding some extra accessories to it like a wreath to give it a pop of color. 2. Cool Rustic Window Framed Map

  • What can I do with old window panes?

  • Or leave the panes in place to protect prized photos or prints, or as a background for stenciling or painting on quotes and motifs. Think of each old window as a blank canvas awaiting your personal touch, and you’ll come up with dozens of ways to have old window decor.

  • Why decorate with old windows and shutters?

  • Decorating with old windows and shutters adds instant cottage charm to any space. Old-window projects (with or without their original panes) instantly boost architectural interest in casual and formal rooms, as well as outside living and garden spaces.

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