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The most simple way to decorate your home with an empty wall is byadding on electronic gadgets/items. All we need to do is just mount television or any other electronic items of your choice it can be a computer/touch screen laptop or tablet or else gaming system also on the empty wall.

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  • What to do with an empty wall?

  • An empty wall can be the start of something new. A new leaf to turn over. Designing an art wall is much more than turning it into a photo gallery. There are tons of tactics and wall decor ideas to make the wall totally you. We list below 20 foolproof ways to turn that vacuum into the X-factor of your home! 1. Statement Art

  • How to decorate a blank wall with plants?

  • With the world welcoming nature home, a green wall is definitely a 鈥渂looming鈥?choice for a blank wall. The easiest way is to plant few climbers in a trough at the base of the wall and let it 鈥渃reep up鈥?to cover your wall in a luscious green jacket. You can even supplement these creepers with some grass or flowering plants for depth and colors.

  • How to decorate a gallery wall?

  • You can even grow your gallery wall steadily. Keep a lookout for the prized grandfather clock at flea markets or garage sales for some old-school charm! Be sure to get your hands on as many antique clocks styles as possible, minimalist analog and Roman numbers, maritime, cuckoo, pendulum, etc.

  • How do you decorate a house with bare walls?

  • Fancify your bare walls with opulent accents. When ELLE Decor A-List designer Jean-Louis Deniot restored this French manor, he festooned the walls with an ornate gold-framed mirror and matching bronze Empire sconces.

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