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Another way to decorate your home after Christmas is withbattery-operated candles and twinkle lights. I am obsessed with these LED candlesticks that go on with the push of a button. And adding fairy lights to jars, shelves and containers really helps make your home feel cozy and warm.

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  • What do you do with Your Decor after Christmas?

  • I like to simplify my decor after Christmas. Less is more as you head into winter. This is also a great time to organize and declutter. After removing all the red I also remove any item that screams Christmas and can not be used for winter decor. For example, signs that say Christmas, ornaments, nativity scene. etc.

  • How to transition from Christmas decor to winter decor?

  • For me, this is the most important step to transitioning from Christmas to winter decor. Red is a classic Christmas color, simply removing all traces of it will instantly transform your space. This personally works really well for me because I love neutrals and Christmas is really the only time I use red in my decor. 2. Purge / Organize/ Simplify

  • When is the best time to switch out the Christmas decor?

  • It is also a great time to switch out the Christmas decor and get cozy for the winter. After putting away all the Christmas decor our house started to feel a little empty and the winter blues began to set in. After all the Christmas magic, 鈥渨hat鈥檚 next?鈥?I think we all feel this way after the holidays.

  • How do you decorate your home for winter?

  • But keeping just a little bit of seasonal touches is an easy way to make your home feel tastefully decorated during the winter season. Simple, natural elements like pinecones, evergreen stems and even red berries make for the perfect winter home dcor pieces this time of year.

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