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Get the Look: Take the DIY approach by clamping beloved posters,pennants,maps and charts to wooden pants hangers,then hanging them above the sofa in a random order. Add a pop of natural texture and handmade detail to your space with a tight collage of large woven baskets.

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  • How to decorate above sofa wall decor?

  • Another great way to do a gallery wall is with larger shots that all correlate, like scenic pictures from around the world, like in this photo This is a great way for your above sofa wall decor to be personal, too. You can fill the frames with photos from your own travels to give you something to remember, and a story to tell guests!

  • What do you put behind a sofa in a living room?

  • Decorating the wall behind a sofa will fill out the space, and might even make the room feel a little larger than it did with just an awkward blank wall. You can go big with a gallery wall full of pictures of your family or fun prints, or keep it minimal with a two or three panel piece of art.

  • How to decorate a small living room with a beige sofa?

  • With a beige sofa against a dark accent wall, for example, it is easy to incorporate a large painting to make the small living room pop. In this room, the single piece of artwork on the dark blue wall has given the living room a polished feel.

  • Is it OK to hang art above a sofa?

  • The empty space above a sofa is a prime spot in the house for a great piece of art. In fact, it’s comparable only to space above a mantel. That being said, it’s sometimes difficult to determine what type of art should be hung.

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