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A white kitchen with an adjacent dining room is the perfect spot for colorful upholstered chairs and barstools. Choosing an upholstered fabric with a simple graphic patterngives you the pop of color you need,without being too busy. Carry that upholstery color to bar stools if your kitchen has a counter separating the dining space.

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  • How can I make my white kitchen look good?

  • Traditional white kitchen ideas tend to look their best when dressed with pattern and color. An easy way to do so is to layer fabrics in accessories 鈥?from window dressings to tablecloths, seat cushions to accessories, all easily replaced and updated with the seasons. Is a white kitchen a good idea?

  • What colors go with a black and white kitchen?

  • Colors that go with a black and white kitchen include gray, green and woody tones. You can successfully match stronger colors, such as berry shades, warm blues and muddy, earthy tones 鈥?from pink to yellow 鈥?with a whole host of black and white kitchen ideas, too.

  • What undertones should you look for in a white kitchen?

  • 鈥楾he warm timber also accentuates the subtle undertones that exist in all whites.鈥?It鈥檚 worth understanding how undertones work before committing to a white kitchen. Cool whites have hints of blue undertone, while warm whites have more yellow. Use this intel to help coordinate other materials and colors on your mood board.

  • Why are white kitchens so popular?

  • ‘There are lots of reasons why white kitchens are so popular,’ says Daniel Bowler, director of Eggersmann. ‘They are sleek and modern, and perhaps the best thing is that white is a timeless color that won鈥檛 date or go out of fashion.’

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