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In order for your all whiteChristmastreeto not be boring, you must use a mixture of textures when decoratingyour tree. Use shiny and dull, hard and soft, and smooth and rough. You can use shiny and dull sphere ornaments, hard ceramic and soft feathers, smooth glass and rough dried flowers.

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  • How to decorate a Christmas tree?

  • Choose pastel or shiny ornaments for a glam look and make a corresponding garland with the same dcor. For a vintage tree you鈥檒l need some vintage-styled ornaments, word dcor and lights. For a chic modern look, a white tree can be decorated with black and white ornaments, metallic decorations or classic red or blue ones.

  • What color ornaments should I put on a White Christmas tree?

  • a white tree with white and silver ornaments and lights looks very chic and pretty Your white Christmas tree will stand out a lot if you choose bold ornaments. Gold and copper ornaments will look stunning and refined on a white tree. Colorful pink, fuchsia, orange and blue ornaments are nice to create a bold modern look.

  • How to decorate a pre-lit White Christmas tree?

  • A pre-lit white Christmas tree is rather bold itself and you can leave it as it is without any decor, it will stand out. If you want a soft neutral look or some shabby chic charm, you can go for shiny silver, pearly and white ornaments and strands of pearls as garlands. For a soft girlish look go for blush, champagne and creamy ornaments.

  • How to make a Christmas tree look like a Winter Wonderland?

  • And of course, you can鈥檛 have a winter wonderland Christmas tree without some snowflakes! To soften all that white light, add some crystal shaped ornaments. They will reflect the light in different directions diffusing it a little in the process.

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