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Wall Shelf Decor IdeasHit the Books. …Include Greenery. …Show Leaning Art Photographs. …Produce Visual Interest Through Height. …Use Neutrals. …Display Items That Differ In Size. …Paint Your Shelves. …Place a Mid-Sized Standing Shelf. …Craft an Asymmetric Contemporary Shelf. …Try The Mountain Decorating. …More items…

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  • How do you decorate shelves?

  • Unless you鈥檙e going for a monochromatic look, use one main color for the majority of the pieces and add beautiful accent pieces that are at least two other colors. As you鈥檙e decorating your shelves, it helps to divide them into sections in your mind instead of just thinking of them as one huge blank space you have to figure out how to decorate.

  • What are the different types of shelves for the wall?

  • Guide for Wall Shelf Ideas. 1 Fixed Shelves. Fixed bracket shelves, or suspension shelving, attach to the wall with visible specific braces. They can be wood, steel, or plastic. 2 Built-in shelf. 3 Float shelves. 4 Corner shelves. 5 Top hung shelf. More items

  • Can you put floating shelves on a white wall?

  • Install white floating shelves on white walls to create the ultimate blank canvas for a treasured art collection (or your favorite vases, books and trinkets). The white-on-white technique creates the illusion your shelves are one with the wall, allowing artwork and accessories to stand out.

  • Should I walk away from my shelves when I decorate?

  • Be willing to walk away whether for a few minutes or a few days. I鈥檝e had to do both! The old rule of taking something away when you put an outfit together, applies to decorating shelves too! When you think you鈥檝e completed the task, take a step back and look at your shelves with a critical eye.

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