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Aside from heartfelt gifts,make some effort to customize and decorate the box that they come in. Some ideas for a valentine box are generic. Wrap your box in red and white,paste a few hearts,and you鈥檙e done. But you can also go wild with your imagination! You can make Valentine鈥檚 Day boxes inspired by favorite movies or cartoon characters.

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  • How to make Valentine boxes for kids?

  • This valentine box idea is easy enough for the kids to make. For this project, pick up a round craft box from your local craft store. Then gather the rest of your supplies like a glue stick or hot glue gun, crepe paper, regular white paper, and scissors. Decorate your valentine cake box however you like by adding your own special decorations.

  • How many Valentine鈥檚 Day box ideas are there?

  • There are about 50 Valentine box ideas for girls and 50 for boys, with a hundred box ideas in total to spark your child鈥檚 imagination! Donut Valentine鈥檚 Day Box (source unknown)

  • What to do with leftover Valentine鈥檚 Day boxes?

  • Many of these unique valentine box ideas are made from leftover cardboard boxes or shoes boxes and a small list of craft supplies. So grab your glue gun and great ready for some DIY Valentine鈥檚 Day fun with the kids. Your children will love showing off their handmade valentine card box off to their friends at school!

  • How can I personalize a Valentine鈥檚 Day card box?

  • If you have access to a vinyl cutter, this would be a fun way to personalize a Valentine鈥檚 Day card box. 9. Rocket Booster (One Creative Mommy) Here鈥檚 a box that the kids could actually wear to school!

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