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How to Style a Console Like a ProStart with Your Surface. …Add Statement-Making Art. …Stack Books and Boxes. …Give It Some Height. …Start Layering in Accents. …Fill Out the Shelves. …Light It Up. …

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  • How can I decorate my living room with a console?

  • If you have a wide enough console, lamps are a perfect option and can bring balance and style to a space. I LOVE these glass lamps and this mirrored console by The French Mix. If your console isn鈥檛 wide enough, trying adding hanging lights to frame the tv. Lanterns can be a great addition!

  • How do you decorate around a TV?

  • 15 Creative Ways to Design or Decorate Around the TV. 1 1. Use a wall unit with matching hutch or bookcases. One of the easiest ways to incorporate the TV into your space is to use an entertainment console … 2 2. Start with a media console or chest and get creative. 3 3. Out of sight. 4 4. Above the fireplace. 5 5. In the built-ins. More items

  • What to do with the wall behind the TV?

  • I even like the idea of wall decor placed slightly behind the tv for a layered effect. Similar to an abstract gallery wall, this idea also surrounds the tv with multiple sizes of wall decor, but so much that the tv becomes blended with the decor.

  • How to accessorize a TV space?

  • Another great way to accessorize and beautify a TV space is with a gallery wall collection. Using carefully curated pieces, while placing them in a balanced pattern, it draws your eye to the artwork and not the television. I love this look. It鈥檚 another great media center idea. This faux apothecary table is a great focal point for this TV center.

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