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  • Should you decorate your car for a parade?

  • Whether you鈥檙e celebrating a national holiday or driving by for a birthday party, decorating your car for a parade is half the fun! But with so many options out there, it can be hard to choose which decorations to use (and to figure out what won鈥檛 scratch your paint).

  • How do you decorate a car for Christmas?

  • For a fun Christmas parade, wrap your car in Christmas lights from side to side (try not to cover any windows up too much). Plug them into the cigarette lighter in your car, then add tinsel around the lights with masking tape. It鈥檒l be like a roving Christmas tree!

  • How do you put a parade sign on a car?

  • If you鈥檙e doing a parade for your friend or family member, you can hand the sign to them as you drive by. That way, they鈥檒l have a fun memento to remember the day with. You can just hold the sign out your window, or you can attach it to the side of your car with masking tape.

  • What do you need to decorate a parade float?

  • Kids love decorating floats – so reach out to your group and plan out a date or two for decorating. You’ll need supplies like paint, scissors, glue, markers and crayons. Let me just warn you, it can get quite messy! Having wipes on hand can make cleaning up spilled paint or glue a breeze while you are decorating! #2. Add Fringe to Your Parade Float

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