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  • How to style a tiered tray?

  • One of the best things to style a tiered tray is that it is not only easy but budget friendly. You never have to spend a lot of money to obtain a stylish decor look. Careful planning can lead to styling tiered trays for fabulous home decor. So, should you use a two or three tiered stand? Honestly, you can keep both a two and three tiered stand.

  • How do you decorate a trays?

  • Add a trim. If your trays have thick sides, consider adding some trim. Great ideas include rhinestones, ribbon, lace, etc. Use hot glue to apply the trims, then pull away any threads left by the glue. Make sure that the trims match the tray’s style and your room dcor.

  • What are the benefits of tiered trays?

  • Handles provide ease in transporting from one room to another. Use these decorative stands in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, on a porch or deck. Tiered trays can take you from holiday to holiday by simply adding a few holiday decor pieces. An important accessory that is not only gorgeous but small space friendly!

  • How do you decorate a tiered stand?

  • Include a light source such as a votive or candle tin with cover. You can also use a small lantern to brighten the tiered stand area. Think about your background area. A mirrored background will reflect light and adds depth to the area. Your themed decor items should be in varying sizes and heights.

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