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Method 2 of 2: Adorning Your Bedroom Side TablePlace a mirror on your table to amplify the surrounding space. Mirrors are well known for making a room look bigger.Set a basket underneath your side table to take advantage of extra space. Fill in the empty space underneath your side table by setting down a basket.Store vanity items on your side table for a personal touch or extra storage. …Place scented candles on the side table for elegant,multipurpose decor. Scented candles offer the double advantage of being as pleasant to smell as they are to look at.Arrange metallic decorations on top of your table to create contrast. Metallic accents easily grab the eye.Add a decorative lamp for an easy but visually appealing effect. Plain lamps can accent a side table,but won鈥檛 create as much visual interest.

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  • How do I decorate a small side table?

  • You can do this by sectioning your side table off into three groups to decorate, or use decorations of the same type (books, jars, or plants) three at a time. Thanks! Use items of different sizes to create visual interest.

  • How to decorate a side table with decorative jars?

  • Arrange decorative jars on the side table to give a subtle, elegant effect. While you can use plain jars, decorative glass jars make a stronger impression. Pick jars with gorgeous etchings or your favorite saying scrawled on the sides. If you want, fill your jar with glass beads or your favorite type of candy.

  • How to decorate a side table with glass bottles?

  • When set near a lamp, a cutout vase will cast appealing shadows along the top of your side table. Arrange a trio of glass bottles to create a simple but artsy aesthetic. Pick a style of glass that appeals to you; both opaque and clear glass work as side table decorations. Color is most important for decorating with glass bottles.

  • What is the purpose of the side tables in the dining room?

  • Beside of main dining room table, you also can find side tables in the dining room. Actually what is the purpose of the existence of those side tables? For some people, the side tables are functioned as a place to put some tools to be used in the dining table, but for some other people they just put ornaments on it.

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