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Make the shelf feel more personal with framed art or pictures. A framed picture is a great way to add your personality and design style to a shelf. You can either lean the art against the wall and anchor it by placing small,heavy objects in front of it,or you can hang it just above the shelf for more security.

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  • How do you style your own shelves?

  • I came up with two more shelf styling formulas you can use as take-aways to style your own shelves: #6. Books + vase (or similar) as bookend + long, narrow basket Start with a few upright books on the end of the shelf and then use a vase or other decorative accessory as a bookend.

  • How to decorate a living room shelf?

  • Add green plants to bring a touch of nature into your living room. Houseplants are a great way to add natural beauty to your home, and a living room shelf is a perfect place to display them.

  • What do you put on the ends of your shelves?

  • This is probably somewhat of a personal preference thing, but after my leaners are in place, I like to add tall objects on the ends of my shelves. I think having taller objects on the ends helps to visually frame in each shelf and make it look more intentional and complete.

  • How do you decorate a bookshelf?

  • Here, a bookended stack on the center shelf mirrors the decor below it, all while contrasting the top shelf of loosely arranged and off-center books. When decorating shelves, offsetting accessories provides the biggest impact.

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