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The best potted plants for your pergolaHanging plants. …Ferns and palms. …Topiaries and fruit trees. …Climbers. …Colourful blooms. …Mosquito repellents. …Herbs. As with fruit trees …Succulents. …Cut flowers. …

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  • What can you put on a pergola?

  • Above all, outdoor plants make the perfect addition to your backyard pergola. Here, you can feature all types of stunning greenery. Be bold and decorate with hanging, potted, and even drape plants over the top!

  • Can you grow potted plants on a pergola?

  • Growing potted plants on your pergola isn鈥檛 like throwing some shrubs into the garden and letting them run wild. Your flora may have access to little or no sun and even less rain (oh yes, you鈥檒l certainly be in charge of the watering). So what are the best potted plants to decorate your pergola, verandah or porch?

  • What if I don’t like the look of a wooden pergola?

  • If you don鈥檛 like the look of a wooden pergola in your garden, decorate the space with a steel pergola instead. A steel pergola generally requires less space and won鈥檛 be such a huge distraction in a smaller garden. Instructables shares this steel pergola, which you can then decorate with plants and lights to suit your tastes.

  • What is a pergola used for?

  • Pergolas are beautiful garden structures usually constructed of wood and used to create an airy breezeway with shade that can be used as either a walkway or a sitting area. Many pergolas are designed to be used together with vining plants that are grown over the pergola to form a living canopy.

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