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  • How do I decorate a mirror?

  • To decorate a mirror, try changing up the frame by painting it a different color, wrapping decorative rope around it, or taking it off completely and replacing it with a new frame. To decorate the mirror itself, attach images to the outer edges of the mirror, like pictures of you and your friends or pages from your favorite magazine.

  • Can You frame a mirror that is already on the wall?

  • This method works for framing basic mirrors that don’t have any kind of rim or frames around them already. These types of mirrors are also known as floating mirrors or construction-ready mirrors. You can use this method to put a frame around a mirror that is already attached to a wall, or to frame a mirror before hanging it.

  • How do you cover a mirror without removing it?

  • You can cover the whole front of the frame with rope or just along the edge of the mirror. Alternatively, you can leave the front of the frame blank and just use the rope to cover around the side of the frame. You don’t need to remove the mirror to do any of these options.

  • How do I frame a bathroom mirror with wood moulding?

  • My bathroom mirror is attached to the wall but has a j channel on 3 sides, how do I frame it with wood moulding or tiles without removing the metal trims on 3 sides to ensure the moulding iies flat. You could attach thin wood pieces to the backs of the moulding to raise it up enough above the trim so that it lies flat.

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