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  • How to decorate a mantel?

  • Another easy way to decorate a mantel is with a collection of similar items, like candlesticks and pillar candles. Start with a large, interesting focal piece. Then, fill the mantel shelf with clusters of the same type of decor.

  • Can you just put anything up on a fireplace mantel?

  • A fireplace mantel tends to be a prominent feature in a home, so it鈥檚 important that it reflects your personal style and that it acts as a focal point. So you can鈥檛 just put anything up there. No, there鈥檚 a process and some 鈥渞ules鈥? Read below to learn how you can decorate a mantel like a pro in just 3 easy steps! 1. Create Layers

  • How many layers of décor do I need for a mantle?

  • Create Layers Create 3 layers of dcor for your mantel. Always includes layers 1 and 2. Layer 3 is optional depending on your decorating style. Below is an illustration using my bedroom mantel . Choose a large object that will be the focal point of the mantel for the center area, such as a mirror, artwork or even a flat screen TV.

  • Why is it so hard to style a mantel?

  • The mantel is a great place to start because it鈥檚 usually the focal point of the room. But decorating the mantel is hard because it demands a big statement made on a shallow surface. It took me years to figure out how to style a mantel properly. If you look back at my early mantel styling examples, you鈥檒l see many mistakes.

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