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  • What are some ideas for a long narrow hallway?

  • 10 Ideas Of Long Narrow Hallways That Will Impress You Little Piece Of Me Weiss Flur Enge Gange Flur Design A long narrow hallway covered in a shiplap trim features a vintage rug placed on an oak floor illuminated by. Long narrow hallway design ideas. See more ideas about narrow hallway hallway decorating home. One of Kates halls is 50 feet long.

  • How do you decorate a hallway?

  • If your main concern is how to decorate a hallway for practical daily use, lean a floor-to-ceiling mirror against one wall near your entry. This does several things for your space. The mirror reflects light around your hallway and opens up a small or narrow space to look and feel larger.

  • How do you use a hallway as a photography space?

  • However, if your hallway is especially tight, like mine was (3′ plus a few inches wide)… Create the focus at the end of the hallway. Celebrate that length and the unique feature that a long, narrow space gives you. Maybe it’s not the best place for art and/or family photos, where one might normally want to stop and look at the images there.

  • How can I make this long hallway look like a runner?

  • Paint or do some kind of ceiling treatment that works like the long runner, drawing your eye down to the end. 7. Install More Lighting Repeat some special light fixtures that progress down the hall.

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