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Consider creating two zones in a long,narrow living room by using one piece of furniture. Place a sofa perpendicular in the room and put a console table or short cabinet against its back. Use the table or cabinet as a desk for a small home office zone. Draw the eye high by making the most of vertical space.

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  • Is it hard to decorate a long narrow living room?

  • Decorating a long narrow living room can be tough. Check out how I鈥檝e decorated my living room space for the best layout ever! The most challenging part of my home is that it is very long. It almost looks like a townhome because of its narrowness.

  • How do you open up a narrow living room?

  • You may be tempted to push furniture up against the walls in a long, narrow living room to open up the space, but the effect will only highlight the shape of the room, making it feel longer and narrower. Minimize tunnel vision in your home with ideas to manipulate the space.

  • How to decorate a small living room with 3 seats?

  • A mirror on the wall behind the 3-seater can accentuate brightness in the room and give a feeling of spaciousness. If you have a really long and narrow living room, you can create two separate seating areas instead of one. For one seating area, choose a sofa set made from vibrant colored fabric.

  • How do you design a long and thin living room?

  • 鈥淭he challenge you face with a long, thin living space is to ensure the room feels welcoming, inviting and free flowing,鈥?says Letiche Black of Amberth. 鈥淵ou want to avoid it looking too static or formal.鈥?Make sure the seating area doesn鈥檛 feel too far away from the TV and other necessities.

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