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Placing objects along the walls will help add dimension and direction to the area,and can help break up a long hallway,making it more interesting. Mirrorsare another great piece to hang in hallways as they help reflect light into the space and effectively make a narrow space feel much wider than it is.

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  • How to decorate a hallway in a small apartment?

  • Add Artwork Add some artwork or graphic pattern at the end to make a statement. 4. Lay a Runner Lay a long runner on the floor that draws your eye to the end. 5. Create Wall Finishes Create wall finishes that run the entire length of the hallway.

  • How do you make a long hallway look good?

  • Paint a Ceiling Treatment Paint or do some kind of ceiling treatment that works like the long runner, drawing your eye down to the end. 7. Install More Lighting Repeat some special light fixtures that progress down the hall. Don鈥檛 chop it up or add even more on to the side walls coming in on you by creating interest there.

  • How do you use mirrors in a hallway?

  • Mirrors in Hallway In a long, narrow hallway, the tunnel feeling can be avoided by using mirrors to increase the feeling of width and enlargement. It is one of the clever narrow hallway ideas that has two elements of great value 鈥?it reflects what is on the other wall and has the effect of doubling the space.

  • How to decorate a hallway with a rug?

  • A runner rug will elongate the hallway while defining the area. A rug will also add warmth to the hallway, creating a homey and inviting vibe in this often overlooked area of the home. You can create a traditional look in your home with a refined runner paired with a gallery wall of family portraits. 3. Use Wallpaper

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