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You can decorate the living room without furniture as:Add scenic wallpapersto give definition to the walls. Paint your wall in white color to make it look bigger

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  • How do you decorate a small living room without buying new furniture?

  • Instead, place a small coffee table between chairs, so you have somewhere to set your things while lounging. If you don鈥檛 want to spend too much money on new furniture, stop in at thrift stores and garage sales to find gently used pieces you can buy secondhand.

  • Is it possible to style a living room without a sofa?

  • It鈥檚 a lot more common than you think to style a living room without a sofa of any sort. Whether you鈥檙e dealing with a small space or simply like the sofa-free aesthetic, there are tons of seating alternatives to explore and embrace.

  • How do you decorate an awkward living room?

  • An awkwardly shaped living room can be baffling to decorate, but no space is ever too odd for beautiful decor. You can turn a weird wall into a focal point. The owner of this apartment turned the vertical space around her bedroom door into a salon-style gallery wall. Not sure where to put the sofa?

  • How can I Make my Living Room look good with plants?

  • Add a touch of green to your living space with plants. A little bit of green can bring a lot of life to your living room, and even a single potted or hanging plant can make the space look more cohesive. If the plant is in a pot, pick a container that matches or complements the room鈥檚 color scheme.

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