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  • How can I add wood paneling to my interior design?

  • Adding wood paneling to your interior doesn’t have to be boring. You can turn it into the ultimate statement piece. In this room from The Decorista, the wood panels extend to the ceiling, enveloping the entire room in the warm shade. A diamond grid has been laid out, making this paneling the perfect dose of pattern in this living area.

  • Can wood panel wall be used in a living room?

  • This is a great example to show you that wood panel wall can be used in any themed living room i.e this living room with beach theme decor has proudly displayed a painted yellow wooden panel and attained soft and lovely appearance.

  • What to do with a dark brown wood panel wall?

  • The narrow nature of the dark brown wood work as a great statement wall in this chic living room and the exposed, sleek fireplace adapts perfectly in the bold and dramatic setting of this place. Modern Living Room with Wood Panel Wall Image Source: La Property Solutions

  • How do you decorate a kitchen with paneled walls?

  • Colorful small appliances such as a red stand mixer or sunny-yellow microwave add interest against paneled walls. Storing vegetables and fruit out in the open in baskets or pottery bowls draws the eye from the neutral wooden walls; colorful produce such as yellow bananas, Granny Smith apples and bright red tomatoes are perfect.

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