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  • How to decorate a vaulted ceiling with a fireplace?

  • Having a fireplace with a stone wall that leads straight up to your Vaulted ceiling would be well in place. Depending on the theme of your room, you can go for a rustic, nautical or elegant look. So unless you reside in a tropical area, this is always a classic.

  • What is the purpose of a vaulted ceiling?

  • The whole idea of having a high or Vaulted ceiling is to give the impression of being in a fairly large room. Also to create a more airy, lighted area. Yet still maintaining quite a classy interior atmosphere.

  • How do you lighten a vaulted ceiling?

  • Most rooms with vaulted ceilings have tall windows that provide a multitude of natural light. However, you can increase this light by adding skylights or putting in mirrors to reflect the light around the room. Try placing mirrors on opposite walls to bounce light back and forth.

  • How do you organize a room with vaulted ceilings?

  • Since the wall area in a room with vaulted ceilings is usually spacious, it’s best to stick with larger pieces. After all, putting up small items can make the space seem even bigger than it is and end up looking awkward. You can organize your art however you鈥檇 like, but keep each painting or gallery wall at or around eye level for people to enjoy.

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