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12 living room wall ideas to stylishly decorate a blank spaceCreate a (minimalist) gallery wall. Let’s start off with the classic way to decorate a blank space 鈥?a gallery wall. …Frame a gallery wall. We love how this gallery wall has been framed with a border of black around this lovely soft peachy hue.Expose a brick wall. …Get creative with mirrors. …Add a feature wall with wallpaper. …Paint your blank walls black. …More items…

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  • How to decorate a living room with wall hanging?

  • As a simple DIY project, a woven wall hanging will bring comfort and style to a living room. Replicate this design with a single knot pattern featuring tassels at the bottom. Create a collection and hang them in your living room for a gallery feel. You can also hang canvas prints on the same wall since they have the same neural tones.

  • How to decorate living room walls with foliage?

  • Like any other treasured keepsake, such foliage can serve as a great subject for a handcrafted custom framing project. Pluck leaves and branches from your favorite green plants. Press and frame them with custom frames for living room wall decor that鈥檚 natural and earthy. 3. Postcard Wall Art

  • What are the best decorating ideas for a living room?

  • Postcards make for a great living room decoration since they鈥檙e very personal and affordable. 4. Marbled Artwork as Mounted Wall Art This DIY living room wall decor uses an unusual ingredient: shaving cream. When mixed with watercolor paints, it can create a marbled look.

  • What would you put on the walls of your living room?

  • Think about what you鈥檇 love to see on the walls as soon as you walk into your living room. Maybe it鈥檚 a gallery of images from a recent trip or a personalized canvas print of art that makes your heart sing when you see it. Sometimes, all it takes is a few brightly colored pieces of artwork to liven up a dark or dull corner of a room.

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