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  • How to design around kitchen soffit?

  • The top recommended among kitchen soffit ideas is to install false cabinet doors above the normal kitchen cabinets. Use the same wood and color for the soffit decor to blend in. Avoid sealing the soffit cabinet doors as they have to be accessible for future repair works. The video by Design Chickee shows how to design around kitchen soffit.

  • How do you cover soffits above kitchen cabinets?

  • By placing it just above the cabinets, cover the entire soffit and give your kitchen a much more contemporary 鈥?and elegant 鈥?look. You can paint the molding to match your cabinets for a seamless look, or use a crisp, white shade to contrast with them.

  • What color is the kitchen soffit wrapped in?

  • In some examples previously mentioned, the kitchen soffits are wrapped in a white cabinet. This time around, the kitchen soffit is put inside the white cabinet. But the kitchen soffit design looks different.

  • Can you use tile as soffit?

  • Tile can make your kitchen soffit feel like a more contemporary feature and add interesting texture and color to the room. If you already have a tiled backsplash, you can use the same material for the soffit to give your kitchen a cohesive look.

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