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Place a plant on the kitchen island for a warm touch. A statement potted plant will add freshness to the island and will help to lighten the kitchen. A vase of fresh flowersis another alternative if you prefer. Make sure that your plant gets enough sun on the kitchen island to thrive.

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  • What are the best kitchen island decor tips?

  • So, kitchen island decor tip #1 is easy 鈥?whether it鈥檚 a bowl of fruit or a floral arrangement, sometimes it鈥檚 best to not overthink it and keep your kitchen decor simple by sticking to one item. Out of all the accessories and pretty entertaining pieces I鈥檓 sharing in this post, the this round vase is easily in my top three favorites.

  • How to decorate a kitchen island with open shelving?

  • Open shelving at the end of the kitchen island is both practical and a good way to display your favourite cooking related items. Build a wine rack into the end of the island. Once you assemble the wine rack using wooden planks, screws, and a wood stain or paint, it can be bolted onto the kitchen island to keep it steady.

  • Is a kitchen island right for You?

  • A kitchen island can provide much-needed extra prep space especially in small kitchens where you have minimal countertop space. This homey kitchen features a small, farmhouse-style kitchen island for food prep and dining for two. The oversized knit throw and faux fur furnishings bring an extra cozy factor to the room.

  • How do you make a kitchen island into a dining room?

  • Place seating around the island to create a space to eat. Add in 2-3 tall stools that fit beneath the island counter. The material of the legs and seats can either match the kitchen island or be a contrasting color.

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