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Style your kitchen or dining hutch by hanging a piece of wall art and flank with books and a pair of vases. The top of your hutch is also a fun place to arrange seasonal dcor,too. While traditionally kept in the dining room or kitchen,the hutch can also be used in other rooms.

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  • What is the secret to decorating a hutch?

  • The secret is knowing how to dress or style your hutch. Let鈥檚 talk about fresh ways to decorate a hutch. I don鈥檛 have a hutch per say, but I鈥檝e got something similar so I鈥檒l use what I have to illustrate my points. Before you do anything, take some photos of your hutch. Then as you try different configurations, take more photos.

  • How do you paint the inside of a hutch?

  • Using a paint brush, apply a single coat of paint to the hutch, including the drawers and doors, and let it dry. Apply another 1 to 2 coats, depending on how well the paint covers.

  • How do you make the most of a dining room Hutch?

  • Making the most of your dining room hutch means you might want to enjoy the functionality of its storage capabilities in your eating and entertaining areas. Start by creating stacks of matching and coordinating plates, stemware and serving pieces arranged on the hutch shelves.

  • Why do we love hutches?

  • Being able to reach up and grab dishes from the hutch as you set the table is a great time saver when you鈥檙e entertaining, too. If you鈥檝e chosen dishes and serving pieces you love, they鈥檙e be on standby making a statement on the table and inside the hutch. How easy is that? We love hutches because they鈥檙e timeless and endlessly versatile.

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