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10 Clever Hallway Decor IdeasGet Organized. Utilize every square inch. …Create a Gallery Wall. …Go Bold With Striped Wallpaper. …Add a Picture Ledge. …Take It In a Modern Direction. …Be Concise With Accoutrements. …Expand Space With Mirrors. …Liven Things Up With Botanical Wall Coverings. …Lay Down an Area Rug. …Hang Wooden Hooks. …

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  • What are the best hallway decorating ideas?

  • One of our favorite hallway decorating ideas is to build out a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall. It鈥檚 a visually bold way to display large collections of art or photos, and it instantly gives a hallway so much personality. There are many ways to build out a gallery wall, and how you do it is entirely up to you.

  • How to decorate a narrow hallway?

  • A narrow hallway can feel like a challenging space to decorate, but don鈥檛 let the compact square footage stop you. It鈥檚 actually perfect for slender furniture designs, like the streamlined bench and open-base console in this passageway. With a narrow space, the right size furniture matters so pick pieces that fit neatly along walls.

  • What makes a hallway a great design space?

  • Hallways are such great spaces to be a bit bolder with your color choices. They are usually smaller spaces that we just pass through, so this means you can afford to be braver in the colors you go for 鈦犫€?have fun with the space and use it reflect your personal style.

  • How do you decorate a hallway with rugs?

  • File this under simplest and chicest hallway decorating ideas. Laying down rugs in your entry not only adds soft texture from the ground up, but it also protects your floors and makes the hallway appear longer and more spacious. Pair a runner with an area rug, like this entry, for a varied look, or try matching runners.

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