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  • What to put in a dorm room for a guy?

  • 15 Cool College Dorm Room Ideas for Guys to Get Inspiration (2020) A Hint of Red. Adding little hints of color into your dorm room is a great idea to brighten the place up. The whole… Desk to Bed. If you鈥檙e a little tight with space, a desk to bed style is probably the best idea for you. The …

  • How to make living in a dorm Cozy?

  • Another important thing that can be customized to make living in a dorm cozy is the design of the dorm room itself. How do guys decorate their dorms? Well, that depends on their styles. Here we already gathered some of our favorite Dorm Room Ideas For Guys to inspire you.

  • What is it like to move to a dorm?

  • Moving to college is one of the most exciting times, and with a few creative dorm room ideas you can organize and decorate your new space so it feels like home away from home. Whether you live on or off campus, most dorm rooms are drab small spaces you鈥檒l have to share with other college students.

  • How do I plan my dorm room ideas?

  • Take time to plan your dorm room ideas with your roommate. Get in touch with them before you arrive on campus and ask if they鈥檙e willing to go dorm shopping together for items like an area rug, matching bedding, and other cool things your dorm room needs.

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