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The most common decor to leave at gravesites are fresh flowers. These have been used to honor passing loved ones for thousands of years. Gravesite floral decorations can come in a variety of packages. Many graves have built-in vases to add flowers to. Flowers are a great choice because they are natural and will not pollute the environment.

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  • How can I decorate my loved one’s grave?

  • Decorating a loved one鈥檚 grave site is a nice way to honor them and brighten their resting place. Fresh, seasonal flowers are a popular way to decorate graves. Many cemeteries allow potted plants, but try to use unbreakable pots, like metal or plastic, so they don’t make a mess on the ground if they get damaged.

  • Why am I decorating a grave that is always bare?

  • I’m decorating his grave because it’s always bare; his family never comes to give him flowers or anything. If you want to decorate an unknown person’s grave, remember that there may be a reason why his family never visits the grave site. It’s not really your place to decorate someone else’s grave.

  • Can You decorate a grave with balloons?

  • Although you may have seen balloons on graves before, they may have been removed as soon as you left. Some cemeteries only allow you to decorate a loved one鈥檚 grave around the holiday season. If this is the practice in your area, you may want to go all out on Christmas decorations for your loved one.

  • Can You decorate a grave with a skeleton?

  • 35. Skeletons Those celebrating the Day of the Dead or Halloween may choose to decorate their family members鈥?graves with fake skeletons and skulls. Remember, before you invest a lot of time and money in grave decorations, make sure you understand the cemetery鈥檚 rules.

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