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Decorating a loved one鈥檚 grave site is a nice way to honor them and brighten their resting place.Fresh,seasonal flowersare a popular way to decorate graves. Many cemeteries allow potted plants,but try to use unbreakable pots,like metal or plastic,so they don’t make a mess on the ground if they get damaged.

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  • How do you decorate a grave?

  • Think about the religion of the deceased. One way to honor the deceased person is to decorate the grave with items related to his or her religion. For instance, you could use crosses for a person who was Christian. Alternatively, some Jewish people use small stones to decorate their graves.

  • Should you stop the tradition of decorating gravesites?

  • There鈥檚 no reason to stop the tradition, especially if you feel strongly about gravesite upkeep. There are many options available. The most obvious is using a grave blanket for the winter months. You could select themed flower arrangements to reflect the holiday season (from red roses on Valentine’s Day or a fresh holly wreath around Christmas).

  • What are the best decorations for a cemetery?

  • Go for permanence. Even if your cemetery allows any type of decorations, most prefer non-breakable options. For instance, pick metal containers over glass or stone and plastic over ceramic. Broken containers can be unsightly and a hazard.

  • What can I bring to a grave site?

  • Pick the best floral option for the time of year. When fresh flowers are available, especially in the spring and summer, most cemeteries would prefer that you bring fresh flowers. However, if you want something else, consider a small flowering shrub, which will continue to bring beauty to the grave site for many years.

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