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  • How do I make a graduation cap in Cricut Design Space?

  • In Cricut Design Space you will pull up my Graduation Cap 1 Project File. Open it up and click customize. You鈥檒l see that I have a 9.5 inch square and some text. The 9.5 inch square is just there to help you visualize the size of the graduation cap while you are personalizing the project.

  • Can I decorate my graduation cap with vinyl?

  • Learn how to decorate your graduation cap with vinyl 鈥?and how to make a graduation cap design in Cricut Design Space! This is a great way to make a fun momento for this important time in your life!

  • Can I use Cricut joy to make DIY graduation party decorations?

  • I love that the Cricut Joy enables me to make DIY Graduation party decorations so so easily. There are so many graduation decoration ideas in Cricut Design Space so be sure to check them out for your graduation celebration.

  • How do I apply an image to a graduation cap?

  • Insert the image you want to apply to the cap. Size it so that it鈥檚 the same size as the cap (remember there is a non-removable button on the top of the cap so plan accordingly). After you鈥檝e got your image the size you want, delete or hide the square graduation cap (it was only in there for size reference).

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