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Usecolored stones or sea glassto create patterns in the vase. Fill a glass vase one-fourth of the way full with blue sea glass,or layer colored stones on top of one another to create a multi-colored pattern. Pour the stones into the vase and use your hands to spread them out in an even layer.

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  • How do you decorate a vase?

  • Attach things like tissue paper, ribbon, or glitter to the vase for a textured look. Consider using a stencil or painter’s tape to create designs using paint on the vase, or fill the vase with things like sea glass or flowers for a quick decoration idea.

  • What skills do you need to make a vase?

  • Basic crafting skills are necessary, like using a paintbrush or punches and stencils. I love decorating vases! There鈥檚 something about a simple, smooth (and typically glass) surface that says 鈥渄ecorate me.鈥?So that鈥檚 exactly what I do.

  • How do you paint a glass vase?

  • 1 Use a stencil to paint a design on a glass vase. … 2 Place painter鈥檚 tape along the vase to create geometric shapes with paint. … 3 Apply chalkboard paint to the vase to turn it into a chalkboard. … 4 Create an ombre pattern on the vase for a chic look. … 5 Paint flowers or other objects on the vase for a freehand option. …

  • How to make circles on a Geometric vase?

  • You might try using a bottle cap and go around it with the liquid lead to get circles. Pat that is a great idea!! Great ideas! I do wish you could use Redi-Lead on those circles on the geometric vase with Gallery Glass.

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